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Data Center Power Management Trends,
Issues and Turnkey Solutions

It has been a phenomenal decade for the data center industry where a nascent sector evolved from mere ICT equipment to fully powered cloud based data centers. 

Is this indicative of a promising future for the sector? Let’s find out.

Data Center Power Management Trends

With an estimated value of a staggering USD 16.42 billion in 2020, the data center power market is forecasted to grow at CAGR of 3.71% taking its value to USD 20.18 billion by 2026. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top data center power management trends. 

  • Programmable power that includes a blend of lithium-ion batteries and alternative forms of power storage along with configurable and intelligent management tools is unlocking new efficiencies and agility.
  • The quick adoption of mega data centers is increasing its market size as companies are able to enjoy local benefits offering economical prices on energy consumption, climate, or availability of alternative energy sources.
  • Factors like easy accessibility to IoT applications. The traffic at the data centers is increasing at a phenomenal speed and is estimated to reach 19.5 zettabytes (ZB) per year by 2021, also driving the market for the adoption of significant hyper-scale cloud data centers.

Data Center Power Management Issues

Even with the trends highlighting the rapid growth of the sector, the industry is not without its challenges. 

Some of the top issues plaguing this segment are:

  • The adoption of mega data centers and cloud computing comes with a high initial investment.
  • With a high concentration of service providers, the data center power management sector is highly fragmented.
  • The threat of substitute products, risk of new suppliers in the market intensifies competition and rivalry.

Turnkey Solutions For Data Center Power Management

Midis Energy provides a range of data center turnkey solutions for data center power management with a single point responsibility to clients across the MENA region. Key offerings include:

  • AC Power Systems Diesel Generators, Power Solutions with Static & Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supply, Infrastructure Management, Smart Power Distribution Units and more.
  • Data Centre Lifecycle Planning.

Final Thoughts

The development of data centers took place at breakneck speed. This has created a golden era of powerful, data driven productivity centers that need to be supported by the top-of-the-line turnkey power management solutions.