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Data Center Preparation

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Data centers today are the building blocks of modern businesses. As expectations and demands go beyond the purview of server rooms, you need to partner with a strategic and collaborative service provider. It is essential that your partner is an expert in planning, construction and the operation of efficient and economically sustainable data centers.

Data Center preparation requires a blend of critical facilities to operate in cohesion. With data centers mushrooming across the Middle East, there is a demand to design data center power solutions that generate power that is 100 times greater in order to run operations without a glitch.

Offering end to end solution, Midis Energy provides scalable alignment in data center planning that blends diligence and professional know-how. Our team of highly experienced personnel has a proven track record with over 500 data centers in the region. We specialize in mission critical facility development, turnkey delivery and performance contracting – everything you need in your partner to build a Modern Data Centre.


Preparing Data Center Infrastructure includes site selection for your IT equipment, telecommunication, command and control centers, and more. The Midis Energy team does a full inspection of an existing site and recommends alternations or proposes the development of an entirely new site.

Be it site preparation works, or any architectural modifications, Midis Energy assumes single-point responsibility to deliver all turnkey solutions.

Key Data Center Power Solutions

During the process of Data Center Preparation, Midis Energy offers the following solutions:

    • AC Power Systems Diesel Generators.
    • Data Center Power Solutions with Static & Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
    • Data Center Infrastructure Management.
    • Data Center Technology Chillers and commercial Chillers.
    • Precision Close Control Air Conditioning units (CRAC).
    • Smart Power Distribution Units (PDU).
    • Special high density server racks & hot/cold aisle containment.
    • Water detection and Temperature / humidity sensors recorder.
    • Fire alarm & firefighting system.
    • Access Control, CCTV, Monitoring Systems, power distribution, lighting, water detection systems, false ceiling & interior decoration.
    • Structured Cabling & Smart Homes solutions.
    • Raised Access Floor system.
    • Data center management monitoring system.
Data Center Power Solutions UAE

Data Center Lifecycle Planning

Our streamlined system of Data Centre Lifecycle Planning forms a comprehensive view of the entire project where every phase is meticulously executed by our experienced Data Centre Specialists. This includes the following phases:

    • Phase 1: Assess the current position
    • Phase 2: Plan out the best options.
    • Phase 3: Recommend design improvements or new development.
    • Phase 4: Prepare for construction of the Data Center.
    • Phase 5: Operate the site efficiently.

Energy being the largest operational expense for any Data Center, Energy Management is an essential element of infrastructure design, operation and maintenance program. The fundamental task of a Data center facility is not only to provide uninterruptable power, cooling, and continuous monitoring but to ensure that energy is used in the most efficient way. We at Midis Group give high importance to providing customers with designs and services that keep the PUE (power usage effectiveness) at lowest possible levels and the Data Center availability at its highest.

Midis Energy Data Centers are efficient, swift and scalable. They are built with the potential to win in the face of growing demand and overcoming challenges for your current and future business needs.


A complete solution provider throughout the Middle East