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Accessible in multiple power configurations, portable generators today are the backbone of most establishments for uninterrupted power. They come handy in times of grid breakdowns or power outages. Generally, these machines come in both diesel and natural gas variants. However, many prefer the diesel variant over the natural gas counterpart.

Power Station Maintenance Services in UAE


With a comprehensive understanding of various uses and applications of power station management, Midis Energy has been providing customised generator solutions to clients in the MENA region for over a decade. Our team of expert engineers and industrial designers evaluate exact client requirements with exhaustive on-site surveys; evaluate technical specifications to create a turnkey diesel power plant solution perfectly suited to your needs. 

Partnering with KOHLER-SDMO, Midis Energy offers a high-quality alternative to serve on the field at a competitive value range. KOHLER is the only genset manufacturer in the market which offers the flexibility of a Premium range and a Value range. The Premium range is powered by high-tech and sophisticated KOHLER engines which meet the most complex requirements. At the same time, our competitive Value range is powered by a reliable and hardy traditional engine alternative which is easy to serve on the field.


Rugged, sturdy and well-built diesel generators have long since been omnipresent and staple in the industrial space. Used in various applications like construction operations, power, mining operations, data centre backup power, disaster recovery, hospital backup for an emergency, and more, it is important to understand why diesel generators are the popular choice for industrial establishments today.


Offering stability with efficient consumption rate, diesel power generators burn less fuel compared to natural gas-powered generators. Yet, it has the capacity for similar work output which put the diesel generator at the forefront.

Service & Maintenance of Diesel Generators

Timely service and maintenance of diesel generators is essential for un-interrupted availability of power. Whether a primary source of power generation or as a back-up, it is important that your diesel generator is capable of peak performance at all times, and ready to take on full load when needed.

At Midis Energy we understand that a diesel generator is a critical asset for your operations and advise routine service and maintenance for optimum performance through its lifecycle.

Regular maintenance is also essential to ward off future expenses in terms of repair cost and downtime as well as replacement of the generator.


Our solutions are based on a deep understanding of the customer’s current and future requirements. This helps us provide diesel generators that are low on overall cost while being hardy and resilient to withstand applications of high compression usage. A thorough understanding of client needs ensures longevity in the life span of our machine.


The advantages of a diesel power plant lie in its various applications that enable the generator to transform into a primary source of power, whether installed on-site or used as a portable unit to power off-grid projects.

Kohler-SDMO offers a wide range of portable, standby and rental diesel generators with unrivalled versatility and can meet all market applications. Engineered for high performance and excellent fuel economy, the innovative technology provides full versatility and high efficiency.

Kohler-SDMO engineers have been hard at work on an all-new product development process and the integration of a prototype phase at their laboratory based in Brest (France). This makes the gensets score high on both performance and reliability.

Midis Energy’s diesel power stations and generator sets powered by Kohler-SDMO can start and assume load in less than 10 seconds in a single step. Being the epitome of durability with reliable electrical and mechanical performance makes our solutions the obvious choice for customers.


A complete solution provider throughout the Middle East