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Real Estate Power Support

A complete solution provider throughout the Middle East

The power generating industry is on the cusp of a global transformation. Many enterprises, especially in the real estate sector have been driven to transition to an energy efficient model that minimises environmental impact. The need of the hour is a robust system of power support for offices, towers, residential buildings, malls, hotels that ensures reliability and quality in the production of electric power.

Strong Power Support for The Real Estate Support Industry

With end-to-end automation, Midis Energy provides power support to the real estate industry in the MENA region that is strategically balanced between renewable sources and carbon-based energy. Our solutions are impactful as we continuously focus on key production of electricity factors such as heat, steam and other forms of process energy that is aimed at downtime reduction and asset optimisation. 

We supply:

    • Generating sets
    • Circuit breakers
    • Magnetic starters
    • Explosion proof lighting
    • Cabling
    • Panel boards
    • Transformers
    • Contractors
    • Enclosures
    • Structured Cabling & Smart Homes solutions.
    • Relays
    • Switches
    • Conduit Fittings
Real Estate Power Support Solution UAE

We offer a broad range of integrated solutions in partnership with KOHLER-SDMO industrial generating sets that are best able to meet the power support requirements for our clients in the real estate segment. Having extensive knowledge and experience of procedures, and electrical equipment makes us the go-to specialists to drive tailor-made power solutions.

We provide 360 degree asset lifecycle management programs that triggers ongoing technological enhancements, improves maintenance and reduces the cost of ownership ensuring optimization and reliable returns on investment.


With Midis Energy, you can profit from industry-leading best practices, cutting-edge technologies and engineering functionalities completely customised to deal with the unique challenges of your real estate business.

Our key focus areas include:

    • Flexible Assembly: Supervision of product lifecycles as well as multiple products on rent or hire
    • Secure Quality: Ensuring that all of our power equipment have been tested and are safe for use

Our real estate power support solutions are designed to offer optimal value to our clients. Blending high quality equipment, independent provision and asset integrity management are targeted to replace obsolete systems with new and improved power equipment designs.

We provide installation support and turnkey solutions for projects across the Middle East.


A complete solution provider throughout the Middle East