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The rising demand for energy-related products and services in the Middle East has led to the quick expansion of several companies that are now offering efficient Energy Rental Solutions. Midis Energy has ventured into the much in demand vertical of energy solutions that are focused on providing cost effective, market-based carbon, energy, and water management solutions, minus the obvious negative environmental impacts. We realize that it is essential to align our services with the needs and demands of the current market. Hence, we have chosen to go in a direction where our power solutions and innovative products are scalable to meet the needs of our clients.

Solar Energy Solutions

Midis Energy is a vertically integration solar energy provider in the Middle East that offers clients with the highest quality solar energy systems along with expert after-sales service. Our solar energy solutions have allowed enterprises across the region to minimise their commercial electricity consumption considerably.

Generally, our clients see a payback of their investment in our innovative solar energy systems within 3 to 4 years. Apart from regular maintenance and servicing, customers effectively have free power from solar going forward.

We also offer solar water heating solutions to our commercial and industrial partners that ensures a return on investment within 12 to 48 months. Our unique technology can be integrated with existing heat pump to generate hot water 24/7.

Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems

We can provide a range of renewable energy systems that has the capacity to power commercial and industrial plants via a grid connected mechanism. In case there is a disruption in the flow of energy from renewable sources, the grid connectivity acts as a back-up supplier to meet immediate power needs of our clients. This eliminates the need to store battery devices.

Apart from renewable energy system components, we take care of additional equipment that ensures safe transmission of power from these energy sources.

These include:

  • Equipment required to connect your system to the grid
  • Grid-connection requirements
  • Power conditioning equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Meters and instrumentation
Real Estate Power Support Solution UAE

Sustainable Green Energy Solutions

As an environmentally conscious organisation, Midis Energy has created a range of reliable and affordable green energy solutions that includes energy storage, particularly in zones with unpredictable grids or isolated locations in the MENA region.

We have designed solutions that can be customised to meet client requirements. These systems can work in combination with existing power production systems, utility grids and more. We provide 360 degree support from start to finish. Our services include:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Project planning
  • Installation and operation
  • Monitoring and maintenance

Our Temporary Power Service Offerings

We design, manufacture and supply complete power and monitoring systems including temporary power solutions and event generator hire to power distribution and cable hire across the Middle East. These can be custom and bespoke power solutions that come with advanced set of modules and controls which can be remotely monitored and operated, therefore offering total peace of mind to our clients.

Along with temporary solutions, we have the option of hybrid power solutions and energy rental solutions that can drive up efficiency.

Our Energy Rental Solutions

Our fleet of diesel generators come with multi-option applications in the following sectors:

  • Utility: Large Power Projects, Grid Stabilization, Contingency Power, Load Testing
  • Petrochemical: Plant Turnarounds, Plant Shutdowns, Process Cooling
  • Manufacturing: Plant Shutdowns, Emergency Power
  • Electrical: Contractor Rentals, Peak Shaving
  • Alternative Energy: Microgrids, Gas Generators
  • Entertainment: Event Power, Distribution
  • Communications: Remote Power
  • Healthcare: Backup Power, Load Testing

Our Way Forward

Our solutions are performance based designed to suit the needs of both institutional and government customers. These turnkey projects are developed to accelerate energy efficiency. In addition to that, we concentrate on enabling distribution of energy sources that are geared towards promoting market development.

While the objective is to deliver to meet client expectations, our technical expertise and policy support solar, renewable, green energy, innovative storage solutions at the local, state, and national levels.