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A complete solution provider throughout the Middle East

In the age of 2G to 4G and even the futuristic 5G, Midis Energy is a reliable telecom infrastructure provider which offers telecom operators in the MENA region much-needed infrastructure to build, operate and manage their networks. We are experts in this dynamic space and have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and challenges of telecom operators.

Hybrid Power

At Midis we believe in adopting the most efficient renewable energies, we are strongly recommending and widely installing Hybrid Power Generation systems for remote Telecom Sites. Hybrid Power Solutions are internationally recognized as cost effective and reliable source of power, especially for off-grid sites where electricity access is not available through utility grid connection. Midis Group in the GCC region has deployed Hybrid Power systems in numerous countries where we have combined the diesel generator power with solar power to ensure a cost efficient, 24/7 power supply.


With a broad range of solutions, we help carriers deploy high quality systems that focus on FTTX, simple network maintenance and management of their operations seamlessly. Supported by a stringent Service Level Agreement, we provide high network availability through our cutting-edge telecom infrastructure.

Our service offering includes:

Infrastructure Sharing: Being a seasoned telecommunication infrastructure company, we have access to sites including shelters at optimal heights that telecom operators can use to mount antennae on towers. The possibility of infrastructure sharing is an added benefit to Midis Energy’s clients.

Energy Management: Our customers enjoy uninterrupted power on towers at costs that are affordable. We deploy clean energy solutions and work in cohesion with our clients for Demand Management. The goal is to make use of available energy sources optimally and provide access to storage solutions with specialised skills and technology.


Midis Energy has over a decade of expertise in fibre optics with the ideal combination of high-density solutions and connectivity components.

Our value proposition to telecom operators include:

  • Analysis mapping of the site in reference with height, RF propagation, transmission backhaul and terrain data with the help of our Network Planning team.
  • Ensuring each site is ready for installation of electronic equipment with the assistance of our Project team.
  • Site upgradations and quick preventive maintenance is facilitated by our Site Management team.
Telecom Infrastructure Companies

As one of the most experienced telecom infrastructure companies in the Middle East, the solutions we offer enable our customers to extend faster network communications. This is critical in the age of growing demand for reliable broadband services. Easy deployment and swift installation of our end-to-end telecom infrastructural systems translates into fast and uninterrupted data transmission.

In compliance with international telecommunications standards, our product portfolio is sophisticated and comprehensive and is supported by an extensive product warranty.