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The Life Expectancy of Your Diesel Generator

Diesel generator companies in the UAE have been experiencing heavy demand over the last few years. This is mainly due to the fact that the backbone of any business enterprise is its power system. Moreover, if the companies are industrial in nature, then the quality of the generators is of utmost importance as it has the potential to impact the company’s short and long term revenue and growth.

Therefore, we notice a lot of these businesses opt for diesel generators as they have a proven track record of reliability and a longer life expectancy. Needless to say, this is the reason why a number of power station providers in the Middle East have witnessed growth.

Diesel Generators Perform Much Better

No doubt there are various models of power generators available to businesses today. So, what makes diesel generators perform better than its counterparts?

Because we live in a volatile world, interruptions can occur at any point in time that can hamper your business operations. The most important aspect of choosing a diesel variant is to ensure that you have a power backup system that works at any given time.

Moreover, you need a generator that has the capacity to work in any environment specifically if there is a power outage. This is to ensure that there is minimum operational downtime because of a lack of electricity supply.

The diesel model is a portable generator partner that offers reliability and dependability by enduring the test of time.

Life Expectancy of a Diesel Generator

The life expectancy of diesel generators is dependent on the following factors:

Generator Sizing: The size of the diesel generator plays a vital role and has a large impact on the efficiency of its functioning and performance. Therefore, you need to determine the load size of the machines that will be operational when using the generator.

Your generator will definitely have a longer life span if you use up to 90% of its load capacity. On the other hand, if you deploy a small generator to handle machines that are significantly huge in terms of load size then it can certainly reduce the life span of the generator to a large extent.

Maintenance Practices: Power station maintenance services also include maintaining your diesel generator regularly and properly which will keep your generator working for hours.  A complete maintenance cycle of your diesel generator involves regularly chancing the air and oil.

You should check the fuel filters often and change them if required. Observe if the generator is producing smoke, vibration or sound and if it is consuming more fuel than it normally does. Signs such as these are indicative that there is a problem, and the generator requires repair work or servicing.

Final Thoughts

Generally, a diesel generator will run for anywhere between 15,000 hours to a maximum of 50,000 hours before it requires servicing. If you are looking for Power Generator Services in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region that can maintain your diesel generator as well, then look no further than Midis Energy.

A well-known and trusted Portable Generator Partner in the Middle East, Midis Energy delivers services that are consistent with industry benchmarks and meet the business goals of their clients.